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I'm the Buzz Parker, an artist residing in beautiful Humboldt County, CA. I like to draw & paint fantastic tree houses. Browse the above Art Galleries to see my latest works on my site, or search 'Buzz Parker' in the out of control Google Image Search!

In my 16 years illustrating with Emily the Strange I have specialized in drawing her environments and world she lurks in outside of her commercial slogans. Many of my Emily fine artworks are published in this rad book from Dark Horse Book here.

I have worked on Emily projects with Harper Collins, Chronicle Books, Dark Horse Comics and illustrated for various magazines and art galleries.

You can view original and prints of my work in my Etsy shop:

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Facebook page: Art of Buzz Parker
Instagram: BuzzParker

Buzz Parker

Buzz Parker




by Buzz Parker

In rural Maryland, when I was a kid, I built getaway hangout treeforts I could escape to. My dad was in construction so I had tools and scrap wood which I used to upgrade and add onto the forts every weekend with my friends.

After working on my own home addition last year, I began creating incredibly complicated treeforts on paper and canvas. To contrast the detailed brush work in the painting, I began using scrap wood from the house and carving into it keeping the hands-on woodworking feel.

Each treehouse has Victorian architecture, hand carved skies, dreamy neighborhoods of towering homes, and is a monument dedicated to all homes and the personal pride and seclusion we experience in owning and maintaining them. Everyone's house has character, and every treehouse can be just as elaborate and unique as our memories building them.

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